All items sold on our website help care for our cats!

In fact all proceeds - that's 100% of all money goes directly for the care of our kittens and cats. What are you waiting for - buy our items and help the cats!

Each year more and more cats and kittens are taken into our care here at the cat sanctuary - there are vet bills, food bills, litter bills, unexpected bills - you get the idea!

What better way to help the cats? Buy some items for you and your friends - it's a WIN-WIN - you get some great items and the cats get the help they need! 

Click on the picture of the Calendar, Key Chains or Lip Balms to buy them. 

If you are buying these as a gift and sending them to someone and wish a gift note with no invoice - please click the "Checkout" button and not the "Paypal" button on the shopping cart page.

No worries, you can still use Paypal as you are checking out. You need to get to the checkout page where you can then type your gift note for us to include with your order, if you click the Paypal button you will be taken immediately to Paypal - we would then not see any gift note. 

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