Estate Planning

We receive private questions about how to add the Cat House Sanctuary into a will or estate when folks are doing their Estate Planning, so we wanted to post public information for everyone.

One important fact is to please make sure that your paperwork mentions our complete legal name which is "The Cat House Feline Sanctuary, Inc." in Ashland, Ohio.

If any part of our legal name is left out or your paperwork simply mentions cat sanctuary, etc. it will really cause unnecessary issues to your intentions.

So please make sure your attorney or whoever is planning your estate states "The Cat House Feline Sanctuary, Inc." in full and that your intentions are clearly written out.

We also work directly with the Ashland County Community Foundation in Ashland and donations are also accepted here for our cat sanctuary.

The Ashland Community Foundation is also available to answer questions you may have to your intentions and may be a great resource for you.

Any other questions, please feel free to send us a message or get in touch with us. We really appreciate folks taking the time to ask us questions as estate planning is never a fun thing to do for anyone.