Fundraising is crucial for our survival. We are always looking for volunteers to help at our various fundraising events. We also appreciate, anyone willing to host or create a fundraiser on our behalf. Several residents have hosted garage sales, plant sales, and opened their homes during community events. New ideas are always appreciated!

The Cat House Feline Sanctuary can only continue to exist through the generous donations from our local community, and the public at large. We receive no private or government funding!

Our mailing address for sending financial donations is:
The Cat House Feline Sanctuary, Inc.
1130 E. Main St.
Ashland, OH 44805

While monetary donations are always appreciated, we can also use donations of paper towels, laundry soap, and bleach, as well as gently used blankets, towels, pet linens, pet carriers, kennels, and crates. While we appreciate the generosity of these donated supplies, we only use Scoopable cat litter, Purina Cat Chow Complete and Purina Kitten Chow dry cat food, as we need to minimize confusion for the cats in our care.

Our friends at Ashland Vet Clinic at 626 East Main Street, Ashland, and Spring Meadow Vet Clinic 1746 State Route 60, Ashland, have agreed to collect donations for us.  Just let them know that the donation is for The Cat House when you drop it off. We have received our 501(c)(3) IRS designation as a charity, so we are a tax deductible donation. Receipts are provided by mail, normally at the beginning of each year unless otherwise requested, so please provide us with your information.

The Cat House has also established an Endowment Fund with the Ashland County Community Foundation. This fund will help insure our continued existence for years to come. Please consider us for your charitable giving and your estate planning. Additional information regarding this fund, or making a direct donation, by contacting the ACCF directly at 419-281-4733, or mailing a donation to 300 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805, with the notation for The Cat House Feline Sanctuary fund. All receipts for these donations are mailed directly from ACCF.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to our existence. Our Sanctuary has limited paid staff, many community service volunteers, and our daily dedicated volunteers. Neither our Executive Director, or any of our Board members are paid.

We use every donated dollar for the daily care, feeding, veterinary expenses, and daily operation and existence of our sanctuary.

We have many opportunities with both short and long term commitments. We need daily cleaning help with changing and scooping litter boxes, feeding, watering, mopping, sweeping, and loving. The cats are quite helpful during these duties, and quite regularly tell you to take a break and pet me. Weekly or monthly opportunities are available, so don’t feel locked into a daily commitment.

It takes a minimum of 4 people each day to make sure all our kitties are attended to. We need volunteers 7 days a week, including holiday’s. So if you’re on a holiday break, why not come out and volunteer one day?

Various community groups have adopted our Sanctuary as a project. We have had numerous students complete their community service hours with our kitties. We have had Ashland University students volunteer here and build us cat trees and cubbies and provide socialization.

We are part of the community service program for several local programs and courts, which help both the participants and our kitties. We have been adopted by several organizations for fundraisers, Christmas giving, garage sales.

Our local high school girls cross country team organized our first ever 5K as a community service project. We have been blessed with caring, giving people and groups in our community, wanting to help our kitties. How can your community group help? 

Adopting a Friend:

Our adoption fees reflect the cat/kitten you choose. Our adoption fees vary from adults to kittens. We do offer a complete veterinary services package, making sure all our cats receive complete, initial veterinary care. Each cat may be at a different care stage, based on age, health, etc., so our adoption fee is reflective of that. All veterinary services in our package are completed at our local veterinarian, and if applicable, an additional services certificate is given at the time of adoption. We do require verifiable veterinarian reference, an adoption contract, and will provide you with all the medical information on your new kitty, for your vet. 

Our kitten adoption program includes a detailed certificate from our veterinarian for future age appropriate services. We insure our kittens receive their initial FELV/FIV testing (or the testing of their mother), their entire kitten vaccination series, their flea prevention while in our care, their initial series of wormer, their 1 year rabies vaccination, their spay/neuter (including anesthesia and post op pain medication), and the treatment of any illnesses they have while in our care.

These are all age appropriate services, so our additional services certificate does include any remaining care that is needed. All services are performed at our local veterinarian only. Our adult cats are tested for FELV/FIV/HW, vaccinated for distemper, leukemia, 1 year rabies, wormed, treated for fleas, spayed/neutered. Again, as age and health appropriate. For information about a specific cat, or to arrange a meeting, please use the contact info in that cat’s description.


The numbers of homeless and abandoned cats are growing beyond the capacity of the Sanctuary. The more space we create, the more cats we are able to help. Thus, by finding suitable foster families, we are able to reduce the neglected cats of Ashland County.  We have the cat(s) tested and vaccinated prior to being placed in a home.  The length of the foster opportunity can be long term until the cat is adopted or short term depending on the flexibility of the foster family.  To become a foster family, a veterinarian reference is required. We will make a home visit to discuss the program in its entirety.  Only select cats are available for this program. Contact us for more information or to apply today. 

Senior to Senior Program: 

We are seeing an increase in the surrender of cats owned by senior citizens who are no longer able to keep them. Some of these citizens pass away, enter nursing homes, or become disabled. The cats are used to a quiet environment, have been spayed/neutered, and some have been de-clawed. Families are either unwilling or unable to continue caring for the cats. We place these cats in a new senior’s home, providing companionship for both the senior and the cat. We do not charge an adoption fee. The senior then becomes responsible for all care related to the cat. If at some time the new senior becomes unable to care for the cat, the cat will be returned to The Cat House Feline Sanctuary. This provides peace of mind for both the senior and their family. Only select cats are available for this program. Contact us for more information or to apply today.